Alicia Esparza has always loved to help people. But after spending 21 years with the state of Arizona she decided to take a stab at things on her own and started her business called AE Liquor License Consulting Service.

Alicia Esparza is helping restaurants and bars across the Valley Navigate the complicated liquor license process.

Alicia says the decision wasn’t easy. But she’s glad she made the leap. “After 21 years of serving the great State of Arizona.  17 years with The Arizona State Department of Liquor License and Control. 3 years with The Arizona State Department of Insurance. You just get that feeling that’s it’s time to expand your knowledge and take it to the Community on a personal and professional level,” Esparza.

Esparza is an expert when it comes to dealing with liquor licensing for bars and restaurants. “My area of expertise is:  I am a licensing expert in all aspects of Liquor licensing permits. From State level to all local government body agencies,” said Esparza.  

She has a simple formula for helping her clients grow. She gives first hand attention and lots of TLC. Every customer is like family. “AE Liquor License Service assist you from beginning to end with the entire licensing process. I educate you on what’s required to be maintained to stay in business and of course promote your business on social media,” said Esparza.

Alicia says the toughest part of her job is when she has to tell a client that the liquor license may not go through as planned.  “The toughest part of my job is telling a client that they don’t qualify for a liquor license — meaning “background clearance (person) location — meaning your business is not zoned for the correct facility. But the most satisfying part of my job is there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. When I can congratulate my client’s upon receiving that Liquor license as it can be quite the process,” said Esparza.

Where does she see her business in the future?  “I see my business growing — especially as liquor expands in the corporate world. It’s really an exciting time. I can’t wait to see what happens,” said Esparza.

She’s also working with the Hispanic Food Network — helping Mexican and Latin restaurants grow their brand. “I’m excited to work with Mike Gonzalez on this project. The videos he’s producing are amazing. We are reaching a whole new audience,” said Esparza.

You can connect with Alicia Esparza at  

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Author: Mike Gonzalez

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