For Adrian Felix —coming to work everyday — means living the American dream.

“We started 3 years ago in the Firestone Parking lot, right on 40th street and Chandler Boulevard. The people of Ahwatukee really embraced us. We’ve become a part of the community and I live here also. That’s why I wanted the restaurant here,” said Adrian Felix, Co-Owner of El Taco Santo.

Adrian and his partners Cesar Martinez and Martin Hurtado launched  the truck together— and from day one — people embraced their flavor. 

“It’s exciting and we want to grow and we want a franchise. It’s like living an American dream,” said Felix.

Now…that dream is growing — as El Taco Santo opens its first brick and mortar restaurant in the Mountainside Plaza — just a few hundred yards away from where they started. So, what’s made the El Taco Santo so successful? Adrian says it’s all about the meat!

“We’ve got great experience with the beef and the meat. And we use only home style recipes from our families. At the beginning we started with carne asada and steak tacos and then we added chicken and pork. Now we have 5 varieties. We added a Mexican traditional tortilla. We have a great cheese and quesadillas,” said Adrian.

So…I had to go into the kitchen to see why their carne asada tacos are so good. The formula is simple… a little bit of salt, high quality meat on the grill … and of course….a little bit of amour. But come on Adrian…there’s got to be a secret?

“I can’t tell you the secret. What happens in El Taco Santo, stays in El Taco Santo,” said Adrian with a smile.  Okay….so I wasn’t going to get the secret sauce…but I did want to know why the wrestling theme…and why they picked the name El Taco Santo ?

“El Santo was like a super hero in the 60’s and 70’s and he’s like Super Man in Mexico the kids still love him,” said Adrian.

As for the future of El Taco Santo — it’s looking very bright. Adrian plans to open a new restaurant next year! “ In about 9 months, Chandler here we come,” said Adrian.

So if you’re looking for a great taste, awesome prices and plenty of carne asada, carnitas and taco al pastor…take a trip to Ahwatukee —  to check out El Taco Santo…I guarantee it will be a body slam…that you’re boca (mouth) is going to love.   

“We love this community and we want to say thank you for all their support,” said Adrian Felix.

Author: Mike Gonzalez

HFNTV is the creation of journalist, food blogger and influencer Mike Gonzalez. Mike is a full-time news anchor at KPNX NBC 12 in Phoenix, Arizona.


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