Combine life long friends, a love for carne asada tacos and a well thought out game plan and what do you get? Some of the best carne asada tacos the Valley has seen in a very long time!

“We did tons of research and spent countless hours and did a lot of research and thanks to God we are here,” said Hector Coker.

Meet David Sandoval and his partner Hector Coker owners of Mas Tacos. The pair met in college in Tucson in 1994. David got into the insurance business…while Hector became a successful realtor. But neither guy ever stopped thinking about their love for Mexican food…so 25 years after their first conversation about carne asada…they decided to open Mas Tacos about 7 months ago — and the response has been incredible.

So who’s the better cook? “He’s got a little bit more of the touches — I’m good on the technical side – but he’s got the magic touch,” said David Sandoval.

I caught up with the pair outside the Divided Vine in Chandler. An awesome taproom with an eclectic vibe and plenty of craft beers – that go perfect with a good taco. Just ask David Unkelnhol and Ross McCarthy.

“I’m a huge al pastor fan and they’re fantastic,” said Unkelnhol. “Yes I’m taking some home to my wife. The tacos are just awesome. There’s a chance they won’t make it home,” said Ross with a smile.

“These guys are just great. The food is so good and they bring their fans with them when the come here. So it’s always great when they come out to the Divided Vine – we just love them,” said Jeff Attawaoi, Co-Owner of the Divided Vine.

So I had to get inside the truck….to see what makes their carne asada tacos sooo good. Hector fired up the grill so I could take a close look.

“I’m making our favorite carne asada….this is my favorite part of the day. The key is the grill is extremely hot. You get all the juices,” said Coker.

Hector says Mas Tacos only uses high quality meat. It’s either prime or choice cut. No exception. If their supplier is out —they won’t cook that day….because their customers have come to expect a certain taste.  

The best part for Hector is showing off those incredible knife skills. “This is where all my stress goes…right here,” said Hector, as my mouth salivated over the carne asada.

 “I love to make people happy with our food and when we hear all the comments – it really lifts your spirits for sure,” said David Sandoval

“Good customer service and quality food – there’s no reason people won’t open their doors to you,” said Hector Coker.

So if you’re looking for amazing taste, some of the best carne asada tacos in the Valley. Look no further than Mas Tacos. It’s a taste born out of friendship…and you’ll definitely taste the difference. There’s no doubt that this food truck has some of the best food in the Phoenix area!

Author: Mike Gonzalez

HFNTV is the creation of journalist, food blogger and influencer Mike Gonzalez. Mike is a full-time news anchor at KPNX NBC 12 in Phoenix, Arizona.


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