Mike Gonzalez Founder of Hispanic Food Network

I’ve been chided by the traditionalist on the site for my love of Minute Rice and how I use it to make meals in minutes. I have to admit, I love the taste, convenience and how quickly I can use it to make my favoritie Latin dishes. I recently used Minute rice to make Arroz con Gandules in 15 minutes. It’s a dish that typically takes more than an hour when you factor in the ingredients and cooking the rice.

That brings me to my point, I have another really fast Hispanic recipe using Minute Rice! This is a quick Cuban recipe that will take a max of 5 minutes. You won’t beleive how good it tastes and how easy it is to make. Let’s start with the ingredients.


1 Can of Goya Seasoned Black Beans

1 Cup Minute Rice

1 Cup of water

Tablespoon butter

Cap full of olive oil

Tablespoon of Minced Onions

Sprinkle of Adobo

Teaspoon Salt

Teaspoon Pepper

Teaspoon Mrs. Dash Onion & Herb


Boil One Cup of Water

Add one cup of Minute Rice

When rice is ready add tablespoon of butter

Add cap full of extra Virgin Olive Oil to rice

Remove water from beans then place in microwaveable bowl and add minced onions, Adobo, salt, pepper and Mrs. Dash.

Heat in Microwave for 1:55 seconds.

Place rice on plate

Place beans on top of white rice