Learn how to make delicious empanadas with the recipe and video on the hispanic food network.

Empanadas – Beef TurnoversThe Perfect Pastry for All MealsEmpanadas, or beef turnovers, are discs of pastry packed with meat. Some turnover recipes call for all manner of fillings, but this GOYA® Empanada recipe features a delicious tomato, onion, garlic and beef mixture.

You can enjoy Empanadas as an appetizer, a main dish, or even after your main course. Use GOYA® Discos, or frozen pastry rounds, for a flaky beef turnover that will make your mouth water.

how to make empanadas and everything you need

How To Make Empanadas

Prep Time 45 mins
Cook Time 1 hr 20 mins
Total Time 2 hrs 5 mins
Servings 10


  • 1/2 lb ground beef
  • 1/2 medium yellow onion finely chopped (about ½ cup)
  • 1/4 cup GOYA® Tomato Sauce
  • 6 GOYA® Spanish Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimientos thinly sliced
  • 2 tbsp GOYA® Sofrito
  • 1 packet Sazón GOYA® with Coriander and Annatto
  • 1 tsp GOYA® Minced Garlic or 2 cloves garlic finely chopped
  • 1/2 tsp GOYA® Dried Oregano
  • GOYA® Ground Black Pepper to taste
  • 1 package GOYA® Discos  thawed, 14 oz., Yellow or White
  • GOYA® Corn Oil for frying