J’s Flaming Asian Grill in Kennewick makes massive burrito

When you step inside J’s Flaming Asian Grill be prepared for a fusion of flavor! Owner Jerry Park has been satisfying hungry folks across Washington state for more than a decade with his amazing Asian-Latin fusion. Park says seeing people happy from his food is awesome. “I just love it. It’s a gift from God so I always give him thanks. I love seeing people enjoy what I make,” said Park.

Park invited me to try this giant 14 inch Mex-Asian burrito. Filled with all these ingredients.

Grilled Chicken Marinated Teriyaki, Asian Fusion sauce, Polish sausage and prongs on grill, Battered onions, Jalapenos, 14 inch flower tortilla made La Palma, Pepper jack cheese, Pepper Jack Cheese, Garlic Rice Guacamole, Sour Cream, Korean hot peppers, Lettuce, tomatos, Cilantro and Asian Aioli Sauce!

The taste was amazing! J’s ability to infuse flavors is incredible. In all my travels for food shows over the years, this is my favorite spot in the country. Check him out for yourself at

2632 W Kennewick Ave, Kennewick, WA 99336 509-736-3999