Learn to make Puerto Rican Pasteles


Learn to make Pasteles with the Hispanic Food Network Sunday, November 22nd from 11 a.m. PST – 2 p.m EST. Kim will go through the process of making Puerto Rican Pasteles. We talked with Kim Tapia about the event and what’s going to happen. “I am very excited about the Pastele class. We are going to go through each step. Then I’ll have a big announcement about the next Pastele classes” said Tapia.

“I am excited to work with Kim because she is so talented and has a great personality. She really relates to people. The great thing about our cooking classes is we let people engage with the audience,” said Mike Gonzalez, Owner of the Hispanic Food Network.

The pastele class will be the 2nd class given by Kim Tapia, who runs the Facebook Group: Kim’s Puerto Rican Delights. The site is filled with all sorts of Puerto Rican pictures, recipes, and tips for PR food lovers. “The site is really growing, especially since we partnered with the Hispanic Food Network. It’s really bringing me a lot of visibility. Mike and I work great together and we’re having a lot of fun with the classes and people really enjoyed the first one,” said Tapia.

The first class Kim conducted was ‘How to Make Arroz con Gandules’. More than 300 people logged in on the day of the event. As of November 21st, nearly 9,000 people have viewed the video on the Hispanic Food Network Facebook Page.

So what exactly are Puerto Rican Pasteles? We describe them as the Puerto Rican version of the Mexican tamale.

Here’s a link to the NY Times cooking site that gives a really good explanation and recipe!

You can sign up here to be a part of the LEARN TO MAKE PASTELES EVENT. You can also log onto Zoom if you want to engage more closely. Hope to see you there!


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