Hundreds Tuned-In for Chef Kim Tapia’s Pasteles Class


It was nearly 2 hours of Pasteles class Sunday, as Kim Tapia flexed her Puerto Rican Cuisine muscles on the Hispanic Food Network’s live broadcast event. “We had a great time, the audience was very engaged and they were asking a lot of great questions,” said Kim Tapia, owner of Kim’s Puerto Rican Delights Facebook Group and HFNTV contributor.

“I love working with Kim because we have great chemistry. We could go on for 5 hours if you let us. We both love talking about Hispanic food,” said Mike Gonzalez, CEO of the Hispanic Food Network.

Sign up for Sofrito Class!
Sign up for Sofrito Class!

Sunday’s ‘Learn to Make Pasteles’ class was held on HFNTV’s Facebook page is the second in the many cooking classes Kim is bringing to the platform. Sunday, November 29th Kim will teach people how to make Sofrito, the base of all Puerto Rican cooking. It’s a dish that enhances the flavor of so many Puerto Rican recipes. “I’ll take a step by step approach. People will get a copy of the recipe with measurements. It will be a great time,” said Tapia.

During the holidays Tapia is balancing her full-time real estate job with making pasteles for her loyal fans in the Staten Island, New York area. She makes hundreds of pasteles for Thanksgiving every year. This year they’ve been going extremely fast. She’s sold out for Thanksgiving but you have time to order for the Christmas holiday. “They go pretty fast so make sure you get a hold of me soon. Join my Facebook group and send me a message there or email or shoot me a text at 917-582-4711,” said Tapia.

You can sign up for Kim’s Sofrito class by clicking this link. The class costs 14.99 and will run an hour and a half or however long it takes. Kim is always ready, willing, and able to engage.


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