This is a really good website I found not only for Mexican dishes but ones that are vegetarian. The truth is as good as many Mexican dishes taste some are not that healthy. Of course it’s dependent upon how you make them but for the most part let’s be honest….Mexican is food that sticks.

With that being said, many people are looking for Healthy Mexican Recipes and especially for Mexican Vegetarian Recipes. The great thing about Mexican food is it fits into the vegetarian genre very nicely without having to sacrifice a lot of flavor.

So while I was scouring for some ideas I came across this very good blog called Cooke and Kate. It’s a recipe blog about a woman and her dog who love to cook. Fortunately for us her dog loves some Mexican.
Check it out by clicking this link. Enjoy! I’ll be adding more Mexican Vegetarian Dishes over the next several days so let us know if you’ve got any. Email me at mgonzalez@wncn.com and I’ll post them here and on our Facebook page. TheHispanicFoodNetwork. Please like us :).