Check Out The Valley’s Only Puffy Taco Truck!

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When I got word about the Puffy Taco Truck I knew I had to give it a try…and hey yall…this was one trek to the far west valley that was well worth it.

When I finally arrived at Sylvia Rivera’s Puffy Taco stand —  it was like an oasis had come true in the middle of the desert — tucked nicely in between a fish and chips stand and a truck filled with delightful desserts.

The place was packed with hungry people waiting to get puffed up…on these babies…the Valley’s only puffy tacos.

Ylvia rivera has been making puffy tacos in the west valley for more than a decade
Ylvia rivera has been making puffy tacos in the west valley for more than a decade

Meet Sylvia Rivera — the West Valley’s puffy taco princess. Many know her from 12 of her years at Surprise ballpark…keeping thousands of hungry baseball fans really happy.

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For the past 3 — she’s patrolled the West Valley….pushing out hundreds of puffy beef and chicken tacos from her food truck that’s not parked at 117th and Pinnacle Peak Road….Sylvia says the secret to her puffy taco success is simple. “It’s special because I make it,” said Sylvia Rivera.

But back to these puffy pieces of perfection. So…what really makes them taste so good. Sylvia says it starts with the fresh corn Masa she gets every day from El Porvenir tortilla shop in Surprise. Each tortilla is hand-pressed the old fashion authentic way! Then it’s deep-fried for 45 seconds each…and here’s where the art form really comes in — the tongues are used to help the tortilla puff up — check that out!

Then she pokes holes in them to let some of that oil out…then bam…

The next step — fill these babies with beef or chicken…top them with lettuce, tomatoes and salsa…and prepare for your taste buds to start poppin from these puffy little guys IN your mouth.

But puffy tacos aren’t the only thing that flies out of this truck. Check out the cheese quesadillas and the big boy burritos that keep Sylvia’s homegirls Cindy and Maria more than busy every single night the truck is out there working!.

As for Sylvia —she says she doesn’t plan to slow down now that business is picking up —and she wants everyone to give this unique puffy taco a try.

“No one in the  Valley makes the style we do. It’s just puffy soft but crispy. Then we fill them with beef or chicken or beans for vegetarians and they’re absolutely awesome,” said Rivera with a big smile.

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