The Culver Hotel Bar & Restaurant

The Culver Hotel With Executive Chef Ben Diaz
The Culver Hotel With Executive Chef Ben Diaz
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Built-in 1924 by Mr. Harry Culver, the historic Culver Hotel is where classic meets contemporary and history is reimagined. With 1920’s vintage-meets-modern glamour, artful design, and an unmistakably European ambiance, the six-story, 46-room flatiron building stands proudly in the center of Downtown Culver City as a National Landmark.

It is a destination where guests celebrate the art of travel, come together to enjoy curated experiences, inspired dining, and soulful live music, and reconnect with old-world elegance. Located at 9400 Culver Blvd., the hotel’s storied ownership includes Charlie Chaplin and John Wayne who, legend has it, won the hotel for a dollar in a poker game.

A rich and romantic past has awarded the Culver Hotel a distinguished role in cinema, having hosted stars from iconic movies such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz to modern-day film and television productions.

The Culver Hotel’s central and convenient location, boutique setting, and charming walkable neighborhood come together to offer a unique and enchanting destination in Los Angeles.

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The Crystal Dining Room

An elegant private space for dinners, cocktail parties, afternoon tea or wedding ceremonies. Lofty ceilings lined with crystal chandeliers play a dramatic counterpoint to the cozier space in the rear, while the original black and white checkerboard marble floor is perfectly in keeping with the hotel’s authentic décor. Enjoy the Crystal Dining Room’s direct access to the Velvet Lounge or our garden patio for a combined event space.

Please note, Le Jardin, the Grand Lobby Bar, and all dining are temporarily closed. For any additional information contact us on

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