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Legendary Puerto Rican Cookbook Cocina Criolla begins with many details &...

Carmen Aboy Valldejuli was a detailed chef. Her most famous cook book Cocina Criolla has stood the test of time for over...

We begin the introduction of legendary Puerto Rican Cookbook Cocina Criolla

As promised, I am going to take you on a step by step journey of Cocina Criolla. The world renowned Puerto Rican...

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Ed the Hotdogger Cooking up Some Hotdogs With a Mexican Twist!

At the Hispanic Food Network our motto is we’re ‘Always Authentic’….and when it comes to authenticity… few can match that of the iconic Argentine Eddie Harmamina….aka Ed the Hottdogger!

9th Annual Arizona Taco Festival Ready Rain or Shine!

10/12/18 Mike Gonzalez WELCOME TO THE ARIZONA TACO FESTIVAL As the 2018 Arizona Taco Festival gets closer, the pace that organizer David Tyda runs at is nearly...

Health Officials Say Ordering Take Out Is Safe

Is it safe to order food via take-out or delivery? Unlike some germs, there’s no indication the coronavirus can...

Taqueria El Chino Packs Big Taste Inside Their Tiny Van Buren...

Don’t get fooled by the size of Taqueria EL Chino in the heart of Phoenix on 18th Ave. and Van Buren street...

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