Havana Cafe Expands Its Restaurant and Menu

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Talking with Havana Cafe‘s owner Leo Morales is sometimes a sport in itself. The fast-talking Cuban native’s words sprint back and forth between English and Spanish like a Usain Bolt 100-yard dash. It all somehow happens while he’s running his restaurant in Pasco and a food truck in Richland. Morales told Mike Gonzales from Hispanic Food Network, “Yes, I talk fast. I have a lot of energy. I’m always moving”.

Morales has kept his energy high lately. He’s been helping build a new lounge in the back of Havana Cafe’ on 3rd and Lewis (404 w Lewis Pasco, WA 99301). The new side of the restaurant features expanded seating, a full bar, and high-end bar food on the menu.

“We have the Cuban burger, chicken wings, fries, and a lot more choices than just Cuban food. But of course, you can get Cuban food inside the expanded lounge area. We just wanted to broaden things out and bring in more customers,” said Morales.

Leo Morales owner of Havana Cafe

Morales says he’s fighting through the pandemic with his loyal customers. He’s hoping the expanded lounge area will bring in more. Once we get through the COVID 19 crisis, he believes it will be smooth sailing. “I’m surviving and business is starting to really pick up. So once we get through this I think a lot of people will embrace this cuisine. I love the people of Pasco, Richland and Kennewick. They’ve all be really supportive, ” said Morales.

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