Review of the Samsung Electric Range NE59M4320SW

Review of the Samsung Electric Range NE59M4320SW
Review of the Samsung Electric Range NE59M4320SW
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We love this stove and have cooked many of our recipes on this stove. We bought the Samsung Electric Range in December of 2019 and the 1 year manufactures warranty has just expired. It has performed fine and without issue all year long.

We paid $599 for it on sale, but it lists for $799 so we saved $200. That’s the way with all appliances, if you know what you want and just watch, it will usually come on sale sooner or later. We also paid an additional $130 for a 5 year extended warranty. The total bill after tax came to $780.

The Pros:

One of the reasons I love the Samsung Electric Range so much is because it has 7 burners located in 5 areas on the stovetop. You have 1 six-inch warming center, 3 six-inch cooking burners, 2 nine-inch cooking burners, and 1 twelve inch burner. The back 3 are all six-inch single burner units. Each one in the front has two burners to choose from. The left side has an inside six-inch burner with an outside nine-inch burner. The right side has an inside nine-inch burner with an outside twelve-inch burner.

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  • Samsung Electric Range Oven Convection Fan System

The oven is big and has four different shelf holders and comes with the standard two metal shelves. The bottom burner is located underneath the bottom of the oven so cleaning is a breeze without having to maneuver around the burner. The giant fan in the back of the oven allows for convection cooking also.

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The oven has 4 main settings. Convection setting, Roasting setting, Regular oven setting, and Broiling setting. It also has 3 presets for cooking. Slow Cooking, Dehydrating Food, and Baking Bread.

The oven has 2 settings for self cleaning. The first is regular Self Cleaning and the second is a Steam Cleaning.

The Cons:

Because the Samsung Electric Range is a glass top that is the weak point in my opinion. We have three cooks all the way from a beginner to expert so the stove took a beating this past year but the top is still intact and working fine. However several people have complained about the cooktop cracking and the manufacture is slow to respond and honor the warranty. That being said how you use the tool will be how well it holds up.

It is important to match the pan to the burner you use. Never use a pan that is smaller than the burner. If you put a six-inch pan on the twelve-inch burner it will heat up the whole twelve-inch circle and the glass will not be able to transfer that heat anywhere and the glass will overheat. If water or another liquid hits the glass it will cause it to cool and the stress on the glass will cause it to break.

Another weak point is in the oven where the heating coils are under the stove bottom. The psoralen aneling on the metal plating on the bottom of the stove can crack. I have not had that issue but I have seen images of it in reviews of the stove.

Another issue found in reviews is the temperature control of the burner units. I have not seen this issue but a lawsuit has been filed in court against Samsung by the Law Offices of Girard Sharp.

The final issue which is the only issue I have seen is in the glass in the oven door. During the last cleaning, a brown liquid started to drip down the inside of the glass on the oven door. This is an easy fix of unscrewing the mounting bracket and washing the glass and remounting the bracket.


  • 5 Electric Elements can accommodate multiple pan & pot sizes.
  • 5.9 Cubic Foot Oven allows you to cook multiple dishes at once or accommodate larger items for the holidays.
  • Storage Drawer for storing baking sheets and pans.
  • Large Fan for Convection Cooking circulates air for faster, more even cooking.
  • Hidden Bake Elements make cleaning the oven easy with a seamless interior.
  • The Self & Steam Cleaning feature gives you Steam Clean for a quick clean in 20 minutes or Self Clean for a deeper clean.
  • Dual Ring Elements, 6″/9″ and 9″/12″, offer flexibility to cook with various pans.
  • Sabbath Mode keeps food warm until the table is set and your guests have arrived.
  • Wide View Window
  • Child Safety Lock
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
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