Chef Carlos Marquez of Indigo Crow Showcases Hispanic Dishes

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Just outside of the Phoenix Metro is a small town, Cave Creek Arizona, that’s filled with big views and even bigger tastes. It’s where I discovered the Indigo Crow restaurant. A mix of the modern fair with a small-town feel. It’s in house brewery as unique as the food on their menu.

“My wife and I own it, We want to make fresh food, Everything is as organic.”

Owner Carlos Marquez

In everything Chef Carlos Marquez creates is an expression of his love for his craft and the people who helped him get here.

On this night I had the privilege to watch him make dishes like a Beef and Brussel Sprout Skewer cooked with and the Shrimp Risotto, all made with love, and with the thought of one person on his mind.

Indigo Crow Restaurant & Bar
Indigo Crow Restaurant & Bar

“I’m Mexican American obviously. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with my Mom. There’s a lot of Spanish and Mexican influence,” said Marquez.

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For Marquez, The Indigo Crow is much more than a name, it takes shape in its Mayan roots and brings significance to everything he creates.

“Indigo is a beautiful powder. It was very special to them and the only place it’s been found is in Georgia.”

Owner Carlos Marquez

It’s doesn’t take long for customers to taste the incredible tastes that Carlos is creating.

The menu at the Indigo Crow is as eclectic as the décor that adorns its inside and the Cave Creek community has embraced everything the restaurant is about.

Inside there’s a full bar where you can eat comfortably and a beautiful restaurant where every turn has a beautiful view.

Upstairs is the brew pub where loyal customers love to hang out. It’s a place where you can have a game of cards, good conversation with friends and of course amazing food.

“Cave Creek is a great town, it’s not heavily populated. Everyone knows everyone. You know the mayor, the police chief and everyone comes in to say hi, it’s great,” said Marquez.

But what I really came for were these guys. The Gordita and the Sopa, both that take shape in Carlos’ Hispanic roots.

“These are some of my favorite things to make here. Customers really love them. There’s a lot of heart that goes into those.”

Owner Carlos Marquez

For Marquez, every day means thinking about putting something new on the menu and that’s what his customers expect.

“It’s doesn’t get boring and it keeps the customers engaged and it never gets boring. That’s the payback I mean it’s great, that’s what we work for,” says Marquez.

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