Beef Fajita From Tres Fiestas in Washington State

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There are some people in this world that you just can’t help but like. They have a certain feel about them. Their energy is positive. You can tell that they carry a certain level of wisdom and their willingness to share is what makes them so endearing. To this day, one of my favorite people I ever interviewed was Ramon Mora, owner of Tres Fiestas in Airway Heights, Washington.

Ramon has built quite a following in the town just outside of Spokane, WA. I lived in Spokane for 7 years. I’d been to just about every Mexican restaurant in the Inland Empire by the time I visited his restaurant. I have to say, Tres Fiestas is one of the top 3 best Mexican restaurants in all of Eastern Washington, if not the best.

The reason why is simple. Ramon takes his time with his meats. The way he prepares food is authentic. He makes it with love, patience, kindness that you won’t find in other restaurants.

Beef Fajita from Tres Fiestas
Beef Fajita from Tres Fiestas

In this particular interview, I conducted we just talked about food, his experience, and philosophy on preparation.

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What drew me to Tres Fiestas was the Fajitas I had heard about it. Ramon says the key to his great Fajitas is the meat. He marinates the meat and broils it when preparing. Wonder what’s in the marinade? How about this: orange juice, burgundy, Italian sauce, beer and a condiment from the Yucatan called Achiote.

For Ramon Mora, every day is like living the American Dream. He came to Seattle in 1979 and worked in restaurants for years until he finally opened his own restaurant. He and his wife Maria work the Tres Fiesta together and he says it’s great to have his wife by his side. “Yes, it’s great to have family here. And it’s great the customers get to know us. We have a lot of repeat customers who love the food and enjoy the atmosphere,” says Mora.

I hope by now you’re hungry! On this day we had a beef fajita dish that was amazing. Please click on the video to check it out. And if you’re ever in the Spokane area please visit Tres Fiestas restaurant in Airway Heights and tell him Mike Gonzalez and the Hispanic Food Network sent you. Adios!

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