Sushi Sonora, Mex-Asian Flavor in Phoenix

The Place for Your Mex-Asian Fix!

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Combine the best Hispanic Flavors of Sonora Mexico and fresh-cut Japanese style Sushi, what you get is the Valley’s best Mex-Asian flavor! Sushi Sonara in Phoenix. It’s no doubt the bomb!

“I love it here! It’s really good. The Sushi tastes great. I love the Mexican style,” said Aaron Torres.

On my Tuesday night visit to the original Sushi Sonora on 36TH Ave and McDowell in the heart of Phoenix, the restaurant was packed with patrons…salivating for some heavy Hispanic flavored Sushi! Every customer comes with a love for Mexican food and plenty of room for fresh fish flavor!

The Salmoncito is one of Sushi Sonora’s best sellers!

“I love the Sushi Sonora roll. I don’t like shrimp and that’s the roll that doesn’t have shrimp. So that’s the one I get every time,” said Marisela Lopez, who got her boyfriend Aaron Torres hooked on the restaurant.

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With everything on the menu from Tres Queso Rolls, California Rolls, Sushi Sonora to Ceviche…making a choice here isn’t easy when everything looks soooo good.

I finally decided on the Solmoncito Roll : This baby has camaron, aguacate, pepino, salmon, salsa de camaron horneado. Translation: shrimp, avocado, cucumber, salmon, topped with baked shrimp sauce. In English, Spanish or Spanglish…the stuff is good!

“My favorite type of Sushi is Cielo de Mi Tierra. It has my favorite ingredients. Chicken, carne asada, avocados, crema, and shrimp,” said Valentina Cadena, who’s been coming to the restaurant for several years now.

So if you’re looking for some amazing Sushi rolls with a Mexican kick — to any 3 of Sushi Sonora’s spots in the Valley.  Because you will leave happy!

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