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Cuban cuisine is a blend of African, Spanish, and other Caribbean cuisines. Some Cuban recipes share spices and techniques with Spanish and African cooking, with some Caribbean influence in spice and flavor. This results in a blend of several different cultural influences. A small but noteworthy Chinese influence can also be accounted for, mainly in the Havana area. There is also some Italian influence. During colonial times, Cuba was an important port for trade, and many Spaniards who lived there brought their culinary traditions with them

Pastelitos de Guayaba

Pastelitos de Guayaba Recipe

This Cuban recipe for Pastelitos de Guayaba is a flakey, sweet, and delicious puff pastry filled with cream cheese and guava. Some other traditional fillings are pineapple, and coconut.
Crema de vie - Cream of life

Crème de Vie (Cuban Egg Nog) Recipe

Raise your glass of Crème de Vie and toast with us "El año que viene estamos en Cuba" or "Next year we’ll be in Cuba" if you don't speak Spanish.
Havana Cafe' in Pasco Creates the Caribbean Sandwich

The Caribbean Sandwich

For Leo Morales, Cuban food is a passion. When he thinks of new things for the menu his mind will go to a million places. "I love thinking about new things for the menu," said Morales with a smile.
5 Minute White Rice and Beans

Arroz Congri ~ White Rice and Beans, in 5 Minutes

I've been chided by the traditionalist on the site for my love of Minute Rice and how I use it to make meals in minutes. I have to admit, I love the taste of this 5-minute white rice and bean recipe.
Cuban Style Grilled Salmon Recipe

Cuban Style Grilled Salmon Recipe

A delicious salmon recipe marinated and grilled to perfection, Cuban-style. Give your next salmon a Cuban-style treatment. Cover it briefly in a citrusy, spiced up marinade, then grill it and serve it with mixed greens studded with hearts of palm and tomato.
Yuca Con Mojo

Yuca With Garlic Sauce (Yuca Con Mojo)

For a Miami boy there's nothing better than some Yuca with your Pollo, white rice and beans. Yucca is one of those traditional Cuban dishes that seems to go with anything.
Cuban Garlic Chicken

Cuban Garlic Chicken Recipe

Bring the taste of Havana to your kitchen with this flavor-packed Cuban Garlic Chicken. Loaded with flavor, this Cuban recipe is always a favorite!!
The Cubano Recipe Card

The Cubano, an Authentic Cuban Sandwich

The Cubano is a traditional Cuban recipe that will have your taste buds doing the happy dance. The ultimate sandwich made with marinated roast pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, yellow mustard and pickles.
Pollo Relleno ~ Stuffed Chicken Recipe Card

Pollo Relleno Cubano ~ Cuban Stuffed Chicken

This Cuban recipe is ideal for family dinners or for an important event, however it must be taken into account that its preparation requires some time and care.
Arroz con Pollo ~ Rice with Chicken Recipe Card

Arroz con Pollo ~ Rice with Chicken

Arroz con pollo means “Rice with Chicken” in Spanish and is a classic Cuban recipe. Popular in many Latin American countries it has many different ways to prepare it, unique to various countries.
Pollo en Fricase ~ Chicken Fricassee Recipe Card

Fricasé de Pollo ~ Chicken Fricassee

The Fricasé de Pollo a la Cubana (Chicken Fricassee) recipe is one of the most popular Cuban dish, that includes chicken and potatoes cooked in tomato and wine sauce.
Cuban Style Bruschetta ~ Bruschetta Cubana Recipe Card

Cuban Style Bruschetta ~ Bruschetta Cubana

This Bruschetta Cubana appetizer is made on crisp toast with delicious tomato salsa. It's a Cuban recipe that fuses Cuban and Italian cuisine.

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Red Spanish Sangria

Red Spanish Sangria

Sangria is one of the most popular drinks in Spanish cuisine. It is commonly served in bars, restaurants, and festivities throughout Spain and Portugal. Clericó is a similar beverage that is popular in Latin America.
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Sorry, but we do not have any cooking classes scheduled at this time. We are always planning new classes so check back often. In the meantime take a look at our past cooking classes here.
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