Crazy Crab Place in Kennewick is Seafood with a Latin Flair

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Step into the Crazy Crab Place in Kennewick, bring your appetite, forget about the fork, and get ready for some finger-licking seafood. Customers like Brent Thielges say they haven’t been able to stay away since the restaurant opened this past November. “The food here is delicious. Cajun spices are on point. It’s a good environment. Having a great time,” said Thielges, who brought several friends for their first visit.

With food like that on the menu, how can you blame them for eating so much…or their taste buds for all the excitement? On the menu is a mix of amazing seafood flavors with a Latin flare created by owner Jesus Higereda and GM Sylvia Hernandez, who both knew a seafood restaurant would work perfectly in the Tri-Cities.

“We have everything fresh. We get products from Seattle. It’s a company that brings all our products twice a week and we add a little flavor to it, a little Mexican twist to it so you can ask for spicy or non-spicy. Everything is very original as our family recipe,” says Hernandez.

With dishes like the Crazy Crab Feast, the Spicy Naranja Shrimp and the Giant Crazy Crab Burger, it’s no wonder that waitress Josena Gonzaga says a bib is essential for every single meal. “We decided to bring a seafood restaurant to the Tri-Cities area. We are the first pretty much to bring that here. We wanted to bring a little bit of the seafood void into our community and all the seafood is freshly brought from the Seattle area. We get it weekly and it’s something new and everyone. So far we’ve been doing good and it’s a good hype,” said Gonzaga.

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Crazy Crab Feast isn’t the only delicious thing on the menu. Items like “the shrimp guacamole” and empanadas are flying out of the kitchen along with the butterfly bunch of shrimp. Chef Chino Hernandez showed us how he puts together one of their colorful and delicious dishes called the Naranja Shrimp, which means orange in Spanish. How’s melted butter sound? Salt and pepper, crushed red pepper, ketchup, topped with onions, lime, and avocado.

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For you meat lovers, don’t fret, there’s the monster called the Crazy Crab Burger. It’s two all-beef patties that are a third of a pound. They’ve got cilantro inside. It’s topped with bacon, salted, added with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, bacon, topped with cheese, jalapenos, and served with fries.

With all the great food you’re going to need something to wet your whistle, the Crazy Crab Place has a full line up of domestic and foreign beers and when it comes to specialty drinks.

There is no one better at making them than Sylvia Hernandez. She showed me how she makes the Mangoneada. It’s tequila, mango, chamoy, and Tajin. You’ll have to try the Crazy Citrus Patron, one of the biggest sellers in the house. I watched Sylvia as she crushed oranges, lime, lemon, and grapefruit together. Then added a shot Patron topped with ice. It’s a sure crowd-pleaser. If that’s not enough check out to Modelo Michelada. Start with Modelo beer, add some Clamato, then top it with shrimp, a cucumber, then add some freshly squeezed lime juice. Sylvia adds some spicy nuts then tops it with chamoy. Add a straw. It’s time to drink.

So if you are looking for a place to eat, drink, and be merry, like you are on the high sea. It’s a sure thing that you will never leave hungry when you go to the Crazy Crab Place.

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