Ruby’s Taco Truck in Peoria Is the Bomb!

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Ruben Hernandez and his daughter in Ruby's Taco Truck
Ruben Hernandez and his daughter opened Ruby’s 4 years ago in Peoria, AZ


It was a visit to San Francisco four years ago that sparked the idea of a food truck in Peoria. “He’d been working in restaurants all his life. When he came back he said let’s open a food truck. So that’s how it started,” said Julie Hernandez. Julie and her Dad have developed a cult-like following for Ruby’s Food Truck on the corner of Grand and Peoria just a few miles from Sun City. “Our food is really authentic and fresh. We marinate our meats. I make our green salsa every day fresh. People can taste the difference in our meats because we only use high quality,” said Ruben Hernandez, AKA Ruby.

Hernandez was born and raised in Mexico City. His cooking style mirrors his roots, where natural ingredients and freshness mean everything. Ruben says when you come to Ruby’s you won’t be disappointed because you’ll get high quality food products and plenty to eat on your plate. “We use large tortillas and lot’s of carne’ asada. One of our most popular items is the number one, it’s our Loco Burrito.


Ruben must have named this thing Loco, because it has crazy good taste. The burrito comes on an extra large tortilla with plenty of marinated meat. Ruben piles on the pico de gallo, plenty of cheese. It’s topped with Mexican style crema and green salsa that really tantalizes your taste buds. I must admit, I had already eaten my chicken enchilada before I tasted this giant monster of joy. I couldn’t put it away and I ate the entire thing! Needless to say there were no midnight snacks get in the way of my sweet dreams this Saturday night. I highly recommend the Loco Burrito on your next visit.

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The Chicken Enchilada from Ruby's Toco Truck

The chicken enchilada is arguably the best item on the menu. But who’s arguing when all you can do is eat when you’re at Ruby’s? On my Friday night visit the place was packed. Many customers gobbling up this baby…the chicken enchilada. Ruben uses 3 tortillas slight fried for 3 seconds. He then piles in the chicken. That then gets drenched with the amazing green salsa and topped with Mexican crema to make every delicious bite melt in your mouth. On a scale of one to ten, these babies were an 11.5…the chips give it some extra credit:)

If that wasn’t enough the fish tacos made with Cod were flying out to customers. Angelica Vargas said she loves coming to Ruby’s on Friday night. “It’s awesome food. It’s Friday. Fried Fish Friday’s are awesome”. Her sister Amanda Vargas said is the fresh food that keeps her coming to Ruby’s. “It’s really fresh. I love their food. Plus they’re good people”.

“I had the quesadilla and it’s so huge I couldn’t finish it. I love the churros. The chips and salsa are really good. I’ve been coming here for a while but they closed for a bit and I didn’t know why. When I saw on Facebook that they opened again I had to come,” said Anna Waller, who drove in from Surprise with her parents and cousin.


In June Ruby’s Taco truck was stolen. 3 days later they found the truck but most of the truck was gutted so they had to start from scratch. “It was pretty devastating,” said Ruben Hernandez.

“We had some car washes and a Go Fund Me page. Our customers donated to us. In August we were able to reopen and customers we so happy to see us again. It made us feel really good,” said Julie Hernandez.

Fish Tacos from Ruby's Taco Truck
The fish tacos are made with Cod at Ruby’s Taco Truck

As for the future, Ruben and Julie are working towards opening a brick and mortal restaurant. But for now they’re content running Ruby’s Taco Truck. When the time comes they plan on taking the next step.
“When we open a restaurant I’m keeping my truck…I love this truck,” said Ruben Hernandez.

You can find Ruby’s Taco Truck on the corner of Grand and Peoria in Peoria, Arizona.

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