Ed the Hotdogger Cooking up Some Hotdogs With a Mexican Twist!

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At the Hispanic Food Network our motto is we’re ‘Always Authentic’….and when it comes to authenticity… few can match that of the iconic Argentine Eddie Harmamina….aka Ed the Hotdogger!

“Did you always love hotdogs?” asked Mike Gonzalez.  “Well I like to sell them,” Harmamina said with a smile.

Ed has been hawking his delicious hot dogs on his food cart at the corner of 1st and Jefferson in Downtown Phoenix since 1976.

Loyal customers have been coming to his cozy corny where the courthouse stands for generations…whether you’re a criminal on trial…or a trial court judge ….Ed the Hotdogger treats everyone the same.

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“You know the customer is always first,” said Ed.

“You want to know his secret? It’s because everything he does — he does with his heart,” said Maria De Los Angeles, who is a regular at the stand.

His good heart — may be one the reason these dogs are so good — but when you see the menu you know why people keep coming back. We’re talking polish sausage, Chicago style dogs and of course at HFNTV we’re always looking for something with a Mexican twist — score— I found em. A Taco Dog Burrito and a Mexi Dog —much to my delight.

” I came here because I like Mexican food,” said Mike Gonzalez. “Oh we’ve got a Taco Dog Burrito and a Mexican style hotdog,” said Ed the Hotdogger.

The Taco dog is an all-beef hot dog wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with onions and jalapenos…and I can tell you one things this baby is good.

Ed asked if I like it. “Of course it’s amazing,” I said.

So if you’re looking for a hotdog that tastes just as authentic as the man who made it…then head over to 1st and Jefferson. It’s open Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.

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