Taqueria El Fundador Going Strong for 33 Years in Phoenix, AZ

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For 33 years Taqueria El Fundador has been pushing out some of the most popular tacos in Phoenix. From bigger than life burritos to tantalizing tacos this place has had customers coming here for generations.

Otoniel Ochoa…. has grown up in the restaurant. At just 24 years old…his Dad Able has put him in charge of the kitchen. The restaurant has been open longer than he’s been alive. Otoniel says he respects the history of this restaurant —because he knows — the standards are high when it comes to customer’s expectations.

“ I started coming here when I was a baby. In my teens, I started cleaning up the restaurant and by the time I was in high school I was helping my Dad cook,” said Ochoa.

When you come to Taqueria El Fundador you can expect everything to be authentic. The restaurant has something for everyone! We’re talking awesome cuts of carne asada, lengua, tripa, menudo, shrimp soup, and ceviche. Everything is cooked to perfection and with care. Whether it’s cutting onions or putting together one of their bomb burritos…you know nothing has changed in 33 years and that’s the way customers like it.

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“I’ve been coming here since I was a baby,” said one customer. “I raised my kids here,” said another.

But what Taqueria El Fundador is really known for is their taco al pastor. Taqueria El Fundador’s taco al pastor has been ranked number 1 several times over the years by Phoenix Mexican food fans.

“That’s really our most popular taco because we’ve made it the same for 3 decades,” said Ochoa.

Making the taco al pastor is a process. The mouth watering cuts of pork are covered in Taqueria El Fundador’s secret Adobo seasoning.

Then once there ready to go — Otoniel puts them on a long pointed stick called a Trompo. This is a traditional Mexican technique to infuse flavor. Otoniel puts on a hunk of pork….then some onions and pineapple. This baby is built all the way up to the top…until it looks like a Mexican trompo. The trompo is brought over here to a rotisserie, where it cooks and stays moist and juicy for hours. It’s no wonder people have been coming to get the tacos al pastor for 33 straight years. The only thing left to do is eat.

“There’s no place more authentic,” a woman in her 70’s told HFNTV. Another older gentleman declared “I’ve been coming here for 30 and it’s always authentic,”.

Otoniel says he has a secret when choosing a Mexican restaurant. “Look around the place. If you see people and older couples in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s then you know it’s on point. That’s the key,” Ochoa said with a smile.

So if you’re looking for food that’s been cooked the same way…by the same family for 3 decades…then check out Taquaria El Fundador at 3245 W. Van Buren in Phoenix.

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