Top 10 Hispanic Food Recipes of 2020

150,253 People Voted

Top 10 Hispanic Recipes of 2020
Top 10 Hispanic Recipes of 2020
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2020 has been an tumulchuous year for everyone and 2021 looks like it will be a tough one also. Because of that everyone is cooking at home more and more. We have been busy bees at Hispanic Food Network, working to bring you new recipes, online cooking classes, Barrio Chef interviews kitchen tips, restaurant reviews and just general news about Hispanic and Latino food.

Voting Has Ended ~ The Count Is In

150,253 people voted so here are the top 10 Hispanic food recipes for 2020. Starting at #10 and counting down to #1 we see what was most eaten in 2020.

#10 – Pollo en Fricasé ~ Chicken Stew

2,186 Total Votes

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Puerto Rican: Main Dish ~ Total Time: 1 hr 25 mins

Pollo en Fricasé is made with chicken that has been braised in wine then blended into a wonderful stew with vegetables and potatoes.

Guatemalan: Main Dish ~ Total Time: 1 hr 50 mins

Hilachas is made of cooked and shredded beef that is simmered in a mildly spicy tomatillo-tomato sauce. Pair it with a side of rice and fresh corn tortillas for a full meal.

Mexican: Dessert ~ Total Time: 1 hr 15 mins

This Flan recipe is delicious, smooth and creamy! Around the Thanksgiving holiday, it is popular to add pumpkin, batata (similar to sweet potato), or ñame purée along with spices like ginger, vanilla, cinnamon to the flan. A combination of pumpkin, coconut, sweet potato, carrot, and almond extract flan is unique and only served on Thanksgiving.

Puerto Rican: Sauce ~ Total Time: 20 mins

Sofrito is the base sauce for most Puerto Rican recipes, and this one is better than store-bought (difficult to find in the stores in the Western United States). This can be added to beans, rice, soups, stews, you name it.

Guatemalan: Appetizer ~ Total Time: 30 mins

These Dobladas are a nice, light meal. You cut them into wedges and serve as appetizers. I’d even eat it for breakfast! Dobladas means folded and that’s just what you do with the tortillas.

Puerto Rican: Drink ~ Total Time: 5 mins

Coquito meaning “Little Coconut” in Spanish is a traditional Christmas drink that originated in Puerto Rico. The coconut-based alcoholic beverage is similar to eggnog, sometimes being called the Puerto Rican Eggnog.

Puerto Rican: Appetizer ~ Total Time: 40 mins

They are yummy when stuffed with shrimp, lobster chicken or turkey. For that Hot Latin in you, sprinkle some “Pique de Caballero” sauce just before you bite into the Alcapurria, if you dare.

Caribbean: Drink ~ Total Time: 5 mins

This Caribbean Christmas Cocktail Recipe is easy as pie, it incorporates just 4 ingredients. It looks beautiful and snowy, and it’s so, so delicious.

Puerto Rican: Main Dish ~ Total Time: 55 mins

Beef marinated in oil, oregano, vinegar, and onions is a great meal for a busy weeknight. A staple in Puerto Rican cooking, this recipe is serve with white rice and tostones.

Mexican: Side Dish ~ Total Time: 30 mins

A common ingredient in Mexican food is rice! This yellow rice is easy to make and very tasty.  Some may call this Spanish Rice, but Mexican Rice and Spanish Rice are actually not the same. The primary difference is that Spanish rice uses Saffron.

Well there we have it folks, the top ten most requested recipes for 2020. As 2020 ends and 2021 begins we wish every a safe and happy new year. From the HFN family to your family May all your meals be delicious and your cups always run full.

Our New Years Resolutions for 2021

  • Grow our Recipe Library.
  • Produce more Cooking Classes.
  • Produce more Barrio Chef interviews.
  • Give more Kitchen Tips.
  • Review more Restaurants.
  • Write more Food News.
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