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So What's a Cabeza Taco? La Cabeza Tacos in Glendale Want to Show You!

So What’s a Cabeza Taco? La Cabeza Tacos Will Show You!

Hernan Rivera remembers it --- like it was yesterday. “I started with a little hot dog cart on 35th and McDowell. November 27th, 1997.
Tacos Calafia Quickly Making a Name for Themselves in the West Valley!

Tacos Calafia in the West Valley!

When you step into Tacos Calafia in Surprise or the original restaurant in Peoria you can bet it will be packed. But guess what? You won’t care because these tacos are well worth the wait.
Taqueria El Chino Packs Big Taste Inside Their Tiny Restaurant!

Taqueria El Chino Packs Big Taste Inside Their Tiny Restaurant!

Don’t get fooled by the size of Taqueria EL Chino in the heart of Phoenix on 18th Ave. and Van Buren street --- this place packs big taste.
El Charro Hipster in Phoenix

El Charro Hipster in Phoenix Is About Family

Step inside El Charro Hipster and you’ll find an eclectic mix of food, drinks and family. The restaurant and café’ opened at 1325 Grand Avenue in Phoenix in early September and is already making a name for itself with customers who live in the area.
Indigo Crow Owner Showcases Hispanic Dishes on the Menu

Chef Carlos Marquez of Indigo Crow Showcases Hispanic Dishes

Just outside of the Phoenix Metro is a small town, Cave Creek Arizona, that’s filled with big views and even bigger tastes.
Ta’Carbon Cooking up Some of the Best Meat in the Phoenix Metro!

Ta’Carbon Cooking up Some of the Best Meat in the Phoenix...

Authenticity is what the Hispanic Food Network is all about. We found a taqueria in Phoenix that fits that mantra perfectly. We're talking about Ta'Carbon.
Millie's Puerto Rican Restaurant

Millie’s Puerto Rican Restaurant in Mesa

Step into Millie's Puerto Rican restaurant and you instantly smell Abuela's cooking. "That's the idea," says Co-Owner Jacob Droz with a smile
Check Out The Valley's Only Puffy Tacos!

Check Out The Valley’s Only Puffy Taco Truck!

When I got word about the Puffy Taco Truck I knew I had to give it a try…and hey yall…this was one trek to the far west valley that was well worth it.
Havana Cafe Expands Its Restaurant and Menu

Havana Cafe Expands Its Restaurant and Menu

Talking with Havana Cafe's owner Leo Morales is sometimes a sport in itself. The fast-talking Cuban native's words sprint back and forth between English and Spanish like a Usain Bolt 100-yard dash.
Ruby's Taco Truck in Peoria Is the Bomb!

Ruby’s Taco Truck in Peoria Is the Bomb!

It was a visit to San Francisco four years ago that sparked the idea of a food truck in Peoria. "He'd been working in restaurants all his life. When he came back he said let's open a food truck.
George Ahogadas & Dorados

Know What a Drown Torta Is? Go to Tolleson to Find...

I often love to take the scenic route home from 12 News on Van Buren heading to my home in the West Valley and when your route consists of dozens of amazing Mexican restaurants, it's a challenge keeping my eyes on the road.
Owner of the Only Cuban Restaurant in Phoenix Living the American Dream

Cuban Foods Bakery and Restaurant in Phoenix

Even though Cuba is 2,243 miles from Phoenix, Manuel Cias-Hernandez has kept the island close to his heart. "Cuba is a beautiful country. It's...

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Long before he was a Hollywood star, Danny Trejo used to joke with his mom that they should open a restaurant. A few arrests, a couple boxing championships, and more than 300 movies later, Hollywood’s favorite bad guy did just that with Trejo’s Tacos. His unexpected journey from ex-con to actor to Narcotics Anonymous/Alcoholics Anonymous counselor to successful restaurateur is a true rags-to-riches story.

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