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Rice With Seafood ~ Arroz Con Mariscos Recipe Card

Rice With Seafood ~ Arroz Con Mariscos

This Rice With Seafood recipe, also known as Arroz Con Mariscos, is an exquisite dish from the Ecuadorian coast, which is enjoyed...
Rellenos de Papa ~ Stuffed Potato Balls

Rellenos de Papa ~ Stuffed Potato Balls

Rellenos de Papa is a traditional snack found in Puerto Rico restaurants and street vendors. This Puerto Rican recipe is made with potatoes cooked and mashed then formed into small balls and stuffed with a ground beef filling then fried to a golden brown.
Cheese Filled Brazilian Tamales Recipe Card

Cheese Filled Brazilian Tamales

Similar to Mexican tamales, Pamonha Salgada are Brazilian Tamales made with fresh corn. The masa does not use a dried corn meal, it is made out of fresh grated corn.
Taco Casserole

Totally Texan Taco Casserole

This taco casserole has everything you love about tacos, but in a delicious easy bake Tex-Mex recipe. This recipe is a bit more complicated than most but your family and friends will love it and you will be the talk of the party.
Arroz con Gandules

Arroz con Gandules Recipe

Arroz con Gandules is a combination of rice, pigeon peas, and pork, cooked in the same pot with sofrito. This Puerto Rican recipe, accompanied with roasted pork, is the national dish of Puerto Rico.
Quesitos Recipe

Quesitos, the Puerto Rican Puff Pastry

Quesitos are one of the most popular pastries in Puerto Rico. Quesito means "little cheese" in Spanish. With this Puerto Rican recipe you can make these sweet cream cheese breakfast pastries wrapped in layers of light, crisp puff pastry for your whole family!
Spicy Chicken Tinga Tacos with Avocado and Lime on a Plate

Spicy Chicken Tinga Tacos: A Flavorful Fiesta

Unleash the vibrant flavors of Mexico with our Spicy Chicken Tinga Tacos recipe - a delicious way to spice up your dinner routine!
Bistec de Palomilla ~ Butterflied Sirloin Steak Recipe Card

Bistec de Palomilla ~ Butterflied Sirloin Steak

Bistec de Palomilla is a traditional Cuban recipe for Butterflied Sirloin Steak. This culinary delight is made with top sirloin beef. The steak is cut super thin and marinated in garlic, lime juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil and then pan-fried.
Sofrito Recipe Card

Sofrito Recipe by Chef Anthony Alvarez

Sofrito is the base for most Puerto Rican dishes and can be added to beans, rice, soups, stews, you name it.
Costa Rican Empanadas

Costa Rican Empanadas: A Savory and Filling Stuffed Pastry

Empanadas are a tasty and filling stuffed pastry that is very popular in Costa Rica. Learn how to make the traditional Costa Rican Empanadas
Arequipe (Dulce de Leche)

Discovering the Sweet World of Arequipe: A Beloved Latin American Dessert

This Dulce de Leche recipe is a confection from Latin America prepared by slowly heating sweetened milk to create a substance that derives its flavor from the Maillard reaction, also changing color.
Bocadillo de Albóndigas ~ Meatball Sandwich Recipe Card

Bocadillo de Albóndigas ~ Meatball Sandwich

Bocadillo de Albóndigas is the Spanish version of the popular Italian-American Meatball Sandwich. This Spanish recipe is typically made with a Spanish-style baguette called barra de pan, although other types of bread may also be used such as rustic bread or ciabatta.
Habichuelas Guisadas - Stewed Red Beans

Habichuelas Guisadas, A Caribbean Red Bean Stew

Habichuelas Guisadas are stewed red beans that are both delicious and easy to make. This Caribbean Side Dish is a savory dish of seasoned beans, usually accompanied by rice.
Colombian Coffee Crusted Pork Chops

Colombian Coffee Crusted Pork Chops

Coffee crusted pork chops are so incredibly juicy and flavorful. Best of all, they are super easy and fast.
Leche de Coco Fresca ~ Fresh Coconut Milk Recipe Card

Leche de Coco Fresca ~ Fresh Coconut Milk

Leche de Coco Fresca is a Puerto Rician recipe for Fresh Coconut Milk. A good rule of thumb to remember is that 1 coconut will make 2 cups of Fresh Coconut Milk.
Bacon Jalapeño Mummies

Spooky and Delicious Bacon Jalapeño Mummies Recipe

These Bacon Jalapeño Mummies are the perfect treat for your Halloween Party. This Tex-Mex recipe is fast and easy to make and your friends and family will love them.
Jamaican Pumpkin Pancakes Recipe Card

Jamaican Pumpkin Pancakes

Jamaican Pumpkin Pancakes are a Jamaican recipe. Your family will love the flavors that come together to create these pancakes. It's just like a pumpkin pie topped with butter and maple syrup.
Chimayó Cocktail Recipe Card

The Delicious Chimayó Cocktail

The Chimayó is a Tex-Mex cocktail made by combing tequila, apple cider, lemon juice, and crème de cassis in an old-fashioned glass filled with ice and stirring it until mixed then garnishing with an apple slice for serving.
Poblano Chiles Stuffed With Picadillo Recipe Card

Poblano Chiles Stuffed With Picadillo

Poblano Chiles Stuffed With Picadillo is a Mexican recipe with a spiced meat filling made with fruit and usually nuts. It can be used for chile rellenos, empanadas, and other specialty Mexican dishes.
Puerto Rican Morcillas Recipe

An Excursion Into Flavor: The Puerto Rican Morcilla Recipe

In Puerto Rico, blood sausage is known as morcilla. It's made with rice, cilantro, garlic, and chili pepper. Some contain paprika, annatto and some spices to give it a kick. Morcilla is especially popular during holiday season.

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